IAFOR’s Collaborative Efforts: AAS and the IAFOR Research Centre

The objective of The Asian Conference on Education & International Development (ACEID) is to showcase the importance of education as an integral (and indispensable) component of international development. In higher education, where the resource-rich Global North dominates in research capacity, as well as in shaping mainstream discourse, many institutions in the Global South still need considerable capacity building in order to make their voice count.

In this featured discussion, we invite Krisna Uk, Director of Special Initiatives at the Association of Asian Studies, who is leading the South and Southeast Asia initiative to “Cultivate the Humanities and Social Sciences in Under-represented Scholars in Asia”, to discuss this major region-wide, collaborative undertaking. She will be joined by Brendan Howe, Dean of the Graduate School of International Studies at Ewha Womans University and President of APISA (Asian Political and International Studies Association) and Haruko Satoh, the co-director of the IAFOR Research Centre (IRC) at the Osaka School of International Public Policy, who are both contributing to this initiative through the IRC’s “Peace and Human Security in Asia: Toward a Meaningful Japan-Korea Partnership” project supported by the Korea Foundation.

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