Jay Segeth


Jay Segeth is the My eQuals Program Director. Jay has been involved in My eQuals since mid-2015, first as a Consultant advising to what was then called the Digital Student Data (DSD) taskforce and now as the My eQuals Program Director with Higher Ed Services the appointed managing organisation for My eQuals.

In these roles, Jay has led and supported initial cost/benefit modelling, the vendor/solution selection & evaluation process, the development of the business case, the implementation of My eQuals, operations management and the “My eQuals Future State” work

Jay’s focus is now on the Australian National Credentials Platform, a government supported initiative that seeks to evolve My eQuals to enable lifelong learning journey and ensuring the workforce of the future continues to evolve with the dynamic shifts in the labour market.

Panel Presentation (2021) | Digital Transformation for Student Data Portability Through Internet of Education (IoE)

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