Tien-Hui Chiang


Dr Tien-Hui Chiang was a Fulbright Senior Scholar, visiting UW-Madison, Wisconsin, USA, a guest professor at Beijing Normal University and the ex-president of the Taiwan Association for Sociology of Education. He has been the senior executive committeeman for many prestigious academic societies, such as the Taiwan Association for Sociology of Education and the Chinese Comparative Education - Taipei. His specialties cover sociology of education, globalization and education policy, sociology of curriculum, teaching profession and comparative education. He has produced over 100 essays. He was the co-editor of Crisis in Education and a contributor to Elite, Privileges and Excellence. His outstanding achievement has made him an internationally well-known scholar, as evident from overseas keynote speeches given in China, Japan, Singapore, India, America, Slovenia, Greece and South Africa. This distinguished achievement also crowned him with a lot of glorious prizes, such as the Distinguished Scholar of the Ministry of Education, Taiwan, in 2011 and 2015. Currently, Professor Chiang is developing the theory of the flow of contextualized/non-contracted social selection embedded within the institutionalized reward system.

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