Ethical Issues and Dilemmas in Academic Publishing: An Interactive Workshop

1) Background presentation to open the workshop, setting the main issues in context. Ethical issues and dilemmas as encountered by authors, external reviewers, collaborators and journal editors will be outlined, both from a normative viewpoint and current practice. Attention will be paid to cross-cultural differences and to differing disciplinary norms. The role of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) in providing information and guidance will be outlined.

2) The session will reform into breakout groups. These will be presented with 4 to 5 problem cases previously submitted for advice and discussed at COPE’s regular forums. For each case, the groups will consider such questions as: What is the ethical problem(s) inherent in the case? What action should be taken to deal with the issue(s)? What measures could be taken to avoid similar problems over the longer term?

3) The final part will comprise a reporting back by each group reporter; the workshop leader will then compare these findings with the advice offered by COPE. The session will conclude with a summing up by the leader.

This Spotlight Workshop is sponsored by the International Network of Business and Management Journal Editors (INBAM).

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