The Forgotten Indonesian Trilogy of Education

Most Indonesian educators know and aware of the country’s trilogy of education being introduced by Soewardi Soerjaningrat (1889-1959), later known as Ki Hajar Dewantara. The trilogy consists of modelling (for those in front should become figure models), motivating (for those in the middle should motivate), and encouraging (for those behind should encourage). However, the ministry of education emphasises only the last principle, to encourage, as the educational motto. Although sometimes the principles of modelling and raising being mentioned in educational discussion, they are not being emphasised as the encouraging one. These unified principles is not suppose to be seen and implemented in separate ways. Parents and teachers should become figure models for their children and students. At the same time they must motivate and encourage the younger generation to achieve their goals. The trilogy is basically a holistic concept of education which may apply universally. Using merely one of them may bring failures of education. Recovering the utilisation of the trilogy as a unified principle in the nation is a great challenge for parents, teachers and educators. This presentation discusses the issues, challenges and possible solutions to deal with the conditions in the nation.

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