From South East Asian Classrooms to the Middle of the North Pacific!

Lowell Sheppard has been active in education in a variety of ways over many years. Through the building of elementary and middle schools in Cambodia and enabling Indigenous Young People in the Philippines to receive a college education through the Pamulaan Center, Lowell has enabled thousands of young people to receive an education.

Lowell’s latest Project, Pacific Solo, involves him taking the classroom from SE Asia to the North Pacific. In two years time, Lowell plans on sailing solo across the North Pacific through the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to a place he has identified as Nemo North, the place furthest from Land in any direction. Lowell is announcing the Pacific Solo Learning Project, and outlining at the conference ways that students and classrooms can engage by asking him to gather data and conduct collaborative experiments on their behalf while on his voyage.

Lowell has also served on the board Nagoya International School in Japan, and is currently on the IAFOR International Academic Advisory Board.

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