Jessica Loh


Jessica Loh is the Director of Outreach with the Institute of International Education in Bangkok where she oversees outreach for global scholarships in Asia-Pacific. Equipped with an MA in International Education, Jessica served six years at Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand where she established the International Campus Life unit, implementing programs for Payap's foreign student body to support international student development and integration. Jessica then joined the University of Michigan where she advised engineering students and faculty on co-curricular education abroad program design, and co-developed an Engineering Across Cultures study abroad in Thailand. Jessica served as mentor for the IIE pilot course, “Connecting with the World: International Relations at Higher Education Institutions” to familiarise Myanmar universities about campus internationalisation. Jessica is interested in combining arts and education as exemplified by her organisation of Chiang Mai’s first Southeast Asian Film Festival which focused on society and human rights.

Previous Presentations

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