Publishing Snakes and Ladders: Navigating a Path to Publication

Researchers, from postgraduate students to experienced academics, are generally expected to publish their findings, usually in an academic journal. However, getting published can be a stressful undertaking and anyone submitting to a journal needs to understand that rejection happens. Most journals have a process of editorial review before a paper is even sent to peer reviewers, and many papers are rejected at the first gate. So how can you increase your chances of acceptance?

In this workshop, using the IAFOR Journal of Education as an example whilst also referring to journals more generally, you will be taken through a number of aspects of presenting your work for publication. You will be provided with examples of what to do (and not do), have the opportunity to discuss your own tips for success, and to ask questions that are puzzling you.

While the main focus of the workshop is about maximising your chances of acceptance, it will conclude with an examination of how to respond to reviewers if you are given the opportunity of re-submitting a paper.

The workshop is applicable for anyone interested in discovering more about how to improve the chances of acceptance of a paper. It is relevant to the early postgraduate student as well as to more established academics.

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