Independence and Interdependence: Educational Cooperation Across Borders

Partnerships are increasingly becoming a defining feature of higher education endeavours in the 21st century. In recent years, most high-impact research is the result of international collaboration, and universities from all regions are showing greater commitment to working together to address global issues. One of the most interesting aspects of this increased collaboration is cross-border partnerships to develop and offer educational programmes. Such programmes often blend curriculum and content from one provider with approach and pedagogy from another. At times, partners work together to create entirely new educational models apart from what existed in either context. This panel of higher education scholars and practitioners seeks to explore the growth of educational partnerships and their implications. It also seeks to highlight successful models as well as common pitfalls and challenges. The aim is to provide a rich and engaging discussion on how higher education institutions can work together to advance the delivery of education while making local offerings more relevant to the needs of the 21st century global society.

The scope of this panel will consider such initiatives as international partnerships, and branch campuses, particularly in the context of developing countries; university cooperation on research to address global issues (i.e. SDGs), and increasing partnerships in the delivery of education, such as dual degrees. Panelists will specifically focus on the Asian context.

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