Atara Sivan


Professor Atara Sivan is Head of the Department of Education Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong. She is the President and Senior Fellow of the World Leisure Academy and has been the Editor-in-Chief of World Leisure Journal.

Atara has contributed extensively to the body of knowledge through journal articles, books, and invited keynote presentations at international conferences worldwide. Her co-authored books include Leisure Education Towards the 21st Century (CABI, 2000); Leisure Education, Community Development and Populations with Special Needs (CABI, 2000); Leisure Education in School Systems (Cossell Center, 2002); and Leisure from International Voices (Venture Publishing, Inc., 2018).

She is the recipient of several international awards, including the George Torkildsen Literary Award, the Hillel Ruskin Memorial Scholar Lecture Award, and the 2015 Knowledge Transfer Award in recognition of her significant contribution to the advancement of research and scholarly endeavours in the areas of leisure education and learning community.

Professor Sivan is also active in the community. As a psychotherapist and EMDR trainer certified by the EMDR Institute, United States, she provides support to clinical psychologists, social workers and counsellors working with people suffering adverse life events.

She is the President of the EMDR Association of Hong Kong, Vice President of TREATS, Hong Kong, and board member of Carmel Primary and Secondary School.

Keynote Presentation (2023) | Developing Students’ Transferable Skills Through Service Leadership of an Inclusive Learning Community

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