Rachel Lam


Dr Rachel Lam is currently a Senior Scientist in the Department of Learning Sciences and Higher Education at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. She earned a PhD in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Learning and Cognition at Arizona State University in the United States. Dr Lam has conducted research in educational settings in a variety of subject areas (psychology, environmental education, physical sciences) that has focused on designing peer collaboration activities to support conceptual understanding and deep learning. She uses pre-posttest measures, discourse from student dialogues, and other student artifacts to assess student content knowledge, application of knowledge to real-world problems, and transfer to novel contexts. Dr Lam has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses on a variety of topics in educational psychology, learning theories and child development. Prior to an academic career, she worked in community and educational settings including libraries, preschools and parent support organisations.

Featured Symposium Presentation (2018) | Embodiment and Learning

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