Kiyotaka Takahashi


Professor Kiyotaka Takahashi graduated from Sophia University with a Bachelor of Science in Physics and the University of Manchester with a Master of Philosophy in Social Anthropology, and subsequently worked as a development consultant in a private company for 5 years. He then served as a research and advocacy officer in a non-profit humanitarian organisation for about 10 years. Professor Takahashi was also a member of the Development Project Accountability Committee of Foreign Affairs in Japan. With these experiences, he moved on to teaching development studies and peace-building in Keisen University in Tokyo. He has published several articles on development cooperation and peace-building, and recently contributed a short article on human security and conflict in the book titled What is Real Globalization? (2023, Rural Culture Association), and another on the current situation of development and environmental refugees in the upcoming Encyclopedia of Peace Studies, edited by the Peace Studies Association of Japan, in June.

Featured Presentation (2024) | Critical Review on Changing Characteristics of Japan’s Development Assistance and Some Responses of Civil Society

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